Welcome to the Software Engineering and Development Club’s documentation! Here you can find essential documents, guidelines, and resources to help club members follow best practices and contribute effectively to our projects.

1. Code Conventions

The document outlines our coding standards and best practices. Adhering to these conventions ensures consistency and maintainability across our codebase.

2. Project Guidelines

Refer to for guidelines on initiating, managing, and contributing to projects within the club. It covers project structure, version control, and collaboration practices.

3. Documentation Standards

Check for guidelines on documenting code, projects, and processes. Clear and comprehensive documentation is crucial for project understanding and maintenance.

4. Getting Started

New to the club? Get started by following the guide in It provides a comprehensive overview of setting up your development environment and diving into our development workflow.

5. Contributing to Projects

Learn how to contribute to club projects by reading This document covers forking, branching, making changes, and submitting pull requests.

6. Code of Conduct

Here you can find guidelines or rules that outline the expected behavior and principles for individuals participating in a particular community, organization, or project. It serves as a framework for fostering a positive, inclusive, and respectful environment where all members can collaborate and interact with one another.

7. Versioning Conventions

In our software development process, maintaining clear and consistent versioning is crucial for effective collaboration and understanding the evolution of our projects. The document outlines the guidelines and rules that we follow for versioning our codebase.

Feel free to reach out to the club administrators or open an issue if you have suggestions or improvements for any of the documents in this repository.

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